Titles awarded to Europe’s best.

The Techno293 European Championships have been concluded in Sopot, Poland with 12 races sailed by gold fleets.

Let the finals begin

The Techno293 European Championships are in their final stage as from tomorrow competitors will race in gold and silver fleets.

335 competitors from 25 countries are competing for the European titles

Today was the first day of racing in Sopot for the junior and youth Techno293 sailors.

The T293 Plus Europeans in underway in Sopot!

The Ergo Hestia Techno293 Plus European Championships have started in Sopot, Poland today with 46 competitors from thirteen countries represented at the event.

BIC Techno 293 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 - trailer

Biggest windsurfing club in Europe, place we all love for the atmosphere, hospitality and challenging sailing conditions will host another big event again. Worlds biggest windsurfing class BIC TECHNO ...